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Keeping the Canadian Higher Education Community Informed and Engaged

ARUCC has consulted with hundreds of Canadian and international organizations including application centres, data exchange providers, councils on admissions/articulation and transfer, government, post-secondary institutions, allied organizations, regulatory bodies, and others to ensure a deeper understanding of the gaps and opportunities, and to capture advice and support for the project.

Connecting with the Canadian higher education community remains critical as the Project leadership seeks to achieve an evidence informed understanding of the gaps, promising practices, and potential opportunities that make sense for Canada and to develop a national network for student data exchange.

Latest Community Updates   

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pdfNew Website release for National Network Project

pdfFebruary 2020 Briefing Document **NEW**

pdfARUCC call for funding January 2020 to post-secondary institutions **NEW**

Update: Request for Proposal and Pilots for the National Network ** NEW **

ARUCC and its partners, PCCATCUCCIO, and CanPESC continue to oversee the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the National Network as part of the ARUCC Groningen and Student Mobility Project. The project, led by a national steering committee with representatives from each of the partnering organizations, is actively endorsed and supported by several Canadian institutions, associations, and provincial application centres from across the country. The RFP remained open to potential proponents through MERX for two months from November 22, 2019 to January 20, 2020. The focus now moves to conducting the evaluation of all the submissions and putting in place next steps for moving forward and considering potential pilots. Project leadership anticipates much of this effort will unfold over the coming year given the complexity of the project and its national scale. A national review committee is conducting the evaluations of the RFPs. This group consists of experts who bring capacities in areas such as data systems architecture design; alternative technologies; student information and application centre systems; document and data exchange formats and standards; data privacy, security, and governance; fee payment processing; legal; financial; registrarial policy and practice; and more. Existing Canadian provincial application centres and representatives from Canadian post-secondary institutions are active participants in this process. Given the project complexity, purchasing expertise and support are being generously provided by Ryerson University in the form of in-kind support. The project leadership looks forward to continuing to update the community as the process unfolds including offering presentations and/or workshops at the upcoming Groningen Declaration Network meeting in April and the ARUCC and PCCAT conferences in June.

ARUCC launches Request for Proposal for National Network ** Solicitation is now closed effective January 20, 2020 **

ARUCC and its partners, PCCAT, CUCCIO, and CanPESC are pleased to announce the launch of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the National Network as part of the ARUCC Groningen and Student Mobility Project. Interested Proponents are encouraged to review the RFP published exclusively on the Merx purchasing website ( All communications and submission instructions regarding the RFP are required to be dealt with in accordance with the instructions available in the RFP documentation.

Study published: Advancing Student Mobility through Data Mobility - A British Columbia Focus ** NEW **

pdfARUCC presentation at the international Fall 2019 Data Summit for the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC)

pdfARUCC Project Update Fall Oct 8 2019

pdfGovernance Consultation Findings from the Community Oct 8 2019

pdfMay 2019 presentation to support governance consultation

pdfMay 2019 Consultation Document - Governance

pdfMay 2019 Message from the Project Steering chair regarding a recently launch blockchain consortium that includes a Canadian university

Backgrounder on Blockchain

pdfApril 2019 Project Update

pdfPlenary Presentation delivered at the international Groningen Declaration Network Meeting in Puebla, Mexico

pdfWorkshop Session Presentation delivered at the international Groningen Declaration Network Meeting in Puebla, Mexico

GDN 2019 Session presenters 2019 (L-R): Charmaine Hack, Romesh Vadivel, Julie Green, Rob Fleming

GDN 2019 Session Presenters: Charmaine Hack, Romesh Vadivel, Julie Green, Dr. Rob Fleming

Historical Updates

pdfOctober 2018 Project Update

pdfOctober 2018 Project Funding Request to ARUCC Members and Friends

pdfOctober 2018 Project Presentation to Canada's Assistant Deputy Ministers

Canada's Strengths and Gaps and a Sampling of Trusted Data Providers Identified

Members added to ARUCC Steering Committee and Terms of Reference Updated

pdfARUCC and PCCAT June 2018 Conference Overview Presentation - Part One

pdfARUCC and PCCAT June 2018 Conference Overview Presentation - Part Two

pdfCanHEIT June 2018 Conference Presentation

pdfARUCC Groningen Project Briefing Note May 29, 2018
pdfARUCC Groningen Project Briefing Note Winter 2018
pdfBackground Note to Briefing Note Winter 2018 - Case for Change
pdfInformation on Spring 2018 Sessions

pdfResearch Information Request 

pdfARUCC Project Short Presentation January 24 2018

pdfFall 2017 Project Briefing Update

pdfConsultation Summary (update March 2018)

Fall 2017 PESC Data Summit (Toronto)

pdfJune 2017 Bulletin  

ARUCC's History with Groningen


ARUCC is poised to move this initiative forward into the next phase.

Groningen Team 2018

The ARUCC Groningen Team in action at the 2018 Groningen Declaration Network Annual Meeting
Left to Right: Romesh Vadivel, Joanne Duklas, Charmaine Hack, Dr. Rob Fleming

Groningen Conference 2017 Charmaine Hack Andrew Arida and Romesh Vadivel

The ARUCC Groningen Team in action at the 2017 Groningen Declaration Network Annual Meeting
Left to Right: Andrew Arida, Charmaine Hack, Romesh Vadivel