Atelier pré-conférence

L'atelier pré-conférence sera donné le 27 juin 2006.

Stefanie Ivan
Registraire, Grant MacEwan College

Titre de la présentation :
When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Registrar

Description de la présentation :

Have you ever heard anyone say, “When I Grow up, I want to be a Registrar?” If not, why not?

Do you have concerns about succession planning in registrarial affairs? What about the large number of retirements we have seen and continue to anticipate—retirees who have been in our business and carry valuable institutional, provincial and national history in our field? Do you fret because you are losing valuable employees to other areas in the institution or to employers outside of the institution because opportunities for professional growth in our field is limited? Are you unable to meet the specific professional development needs of the various generations of employees in your area of work? Do you have individuals in various positions who would benefit from “hard” skills in their area of expertise?

If so, then this session is for you! If you are interested in contributing your knowledge or joining a working group to develop curriculum for registrarial affairs professional development in Canada, please join in.

Biographie :

Stefanie Ivan is Registrar at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta. Her career in Student Services / Registrarial Affairs began at Red Deer College in 1992.

Stefanie is active in registrarial affairs at both the national and local level. Since ARUCC 2004, Stefanie has worked with a sub-committee of ARUCC on the E-Calendar project, leading initiatives on the purpose of the calendar and user needs; this committee's work will be shared at a presentation at ARUCC 2006. In addition, Stefanie is Vice President of WARUCC.

Stefanie recently completed her Master of Science in Education specializing in Enrolment Management and now looks forward to having time for some pleasure reading.