University of Toronto

General Information

Address 1 172 St. George St.
Address 2
City Toronto
Province Ontario
Postal Code M5R 0A3
Country Canada
Institution Phone 1
Institution Phone 2
Fax (416) 978-6089
Representative Name Angelique Saweczko
Representative Title University Registrar
Representative Email
Representative Phone 416-978-7967


Name Title Email
Angelique Saweczko University Registrar
Sinisa Markovic University Registrar’s Office: Deputy University Registrar & Director, Systems & Operations
Donna Wall University Registrar’s Office: Director, Financial Aid and Awards
Ken Withers University Admissions & Outreach: Director, Student Recruitment
Ryan Hargraves University Admissions & Outreach: Executive Director, Admissions and Recruitment
Andrea Armstrong University Admissions & Outreach: Senior Policy Advisor, Admissions
Andrea McGee Faculty of Information, Assistant Dean, Registrarial and Student Services
Angelique Saweczko University Registrar
Anne Rose University Admissions & Outreach: Associate Director, Student Recruitment
Bill Rankovic OISE, Associate Registrar, Registration, Records & Systems
Brian Desrosiers-Tam School of Graduate Studies, Assistant Dean
Emily Mancuso UTM, Associate Registrar and Director, Student Recruitment & Admissions / Edit
Giancarlo Mazzanti University of St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto, Director of Student Services & Registrar
Gustavo Luna Faculty Registrar, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Hana Lee Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Director, Enrolment Services and Faculty Registrar (Undergraduate Medical Education)
Helen Bright Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, Faculty Registrar
Khuong Doan Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, Associate Registrar, Student Services & Records
Kim Holman OISE, Associate Registrar, Admissions, Awards & Enrolment Management
Kyomi Hastings Duncan UTSC, Associate Registrar and Director of Admissions & Student Recruitment
Lisa Feng Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty Registrar & Director of UG Academic
Lynda Onorati Manager, Admissions and Systems Support
María Rivera University Admissions & Outreach: Director, University Admissions
Michelle Kraus UTM, Associate Registrar, Academic Standards, Advising and Financial Aid
Nalayini Balasubramaniam Faculty of Music, Faculty Registrar and Manager, Student Services
Naureen Nizam UTSC, Director of Systems & Operations
Nelson De Melo Trinity College, University of Toronto, Director of Student Services & Registrar
Paula Rayson John H. Daniels. Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design, Faculty Registrar & Director, Student Services
Renu Kanga Fonseca UTM, Registrar & Assistant Dean, Enrolment Management
Samantha Freeman-Attwood Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty Registrar and Manager
Shelby Verboven UTSC, Registrar & Director Enrolment Management
Sheldon Grabke OISE, Registrar & Senior Director, Student Service
Vladimir Soloviev UTM, Associate Registrar, Student Records, Registration and Graduation
Wendy Pais Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Faculty Registrar
Yubai Liu Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, Assistant Dean, Registrarial and Student Services
Yvette Ali Victoria University in the University of Toronto, Registrar