History of the ARUCC Research Working Group

The ARUCC Research Working Group emerged in response to a need for greater engagement in current and potentially new research projects of interest to the membership that are in keeping with ARUCC’s mandate. A report was created and circulated to the members in the spring of 2012. The intention of this document was to engage the national registrarial community and capture their interest in enhancing the research thrust within ARUCC.

Initial Results

An earlier committee chaired by Dr. Kate Ross developed the proposal and suggested terms and structure for an ARUCC Research Working Group. Further, this team supported conference organizers by developing a track of research-oriented sessions at the ARUCC 2012 conference. One of these sessions presented the Research Working Group inaugural report and focused on garnering advice and support for moving forward. Additional suggestions from those that attended the session included:

  • Creating a section of the ARUCC web site devoted to publishing the thesis work of registrarial members who are pursuing research projects and graduate level work.
  • Creating an online resource of research studies including providing links to existing research compendiums relevant to registrarial interests.
  • Supporting research efforts of ARUCC as they arise.

The session included 15 members from across Canada who signaled the importance of such a committee. As such, the ARUCC executive, at its June 2012 meeting, approved the creation of the Working Group as a non-voting, volunteer Working Group.

Work to Date

The recent and current work of the committee includes: